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Competera is Ukrainian IT company, founded in 2013. We believe in the power of data-driven decision, so we have developed several successful SaaS for e-commerce and online retailers.

Our products are Price Intelligence and Brand Intelligence platforms, that help our clients to make decisions and be competitive om the market.

Our clients are top players of e-commerce market all over the world.

Competera awards:
  • “Best B2B Startup IDCEE” award in 2014
  • Ukrainian e-commerce awards 2015
  • Made #2 in a TOP-10 Best Startup of Ukraine 2015

We are looking for open-minded and excellent analytical Data Scientist. The successful candidate will have good mathematics, statistics and computer science knowledge and will enjoy combining his/her analytical skills with business acumen to provide the Competera team with the data and insights that will drive our continued success.

According to this your responsibilities will be:
  • Statistical analysis of financial data, econometric applications
  • Building both large systematic reports and one-off small pieces of analysis
  • Providing on-going reporting and performance monitoring from multiple data sources
  • Proactively developing new analyses and insights, to drive decisions and strategies for user acquisition, retention and monetization
  • Debugging and problem solving issues to ensure delivery of accurate metrics.
You are successful candidate if you have experience:
  • Familiar with machine learning techniques
  • Some experience with Machine Learning, collaborative filtering, cluster analysis, Graphs Theory
  • Data analysis libraries in Python (theano, keras, Torch, Pandas, NumPy, scikit-learn) or their equivalents in R
  • Neural Networks: unsupervised learning: RNN (Recurrent Neural Networks), FNN, RBF, etc.
  • Programming experience (or ready to learn) in Python (and set of libraries for all things Statistical)
  • Understanding of advanced statistical methods
  • Ability to create complex models and algorithms
  • Experience performing quantitative analysis, preferably for an internet or technology company
  • Proven ability to work in a fast-paced environment and to meet changing deadlines and priorities on multiple simultaneous projects
  • Excellent organizational, communication and interpersonal skills
  • Enjoy working in both individual and team settings
Will be preferably:
  • advanced knowledge of Statistics and time series: Stochastic processes Tools: SSA/SVD, RSSA, FIMA/ARFIMA, Nonlinear Autoregressive Exogenous Model (NARX), (N)GARCH and its derivatives, Hurst Exponent and its applications, Recurrence quantification analysis (RQA)
  • Excellent SQL skills: extensive experience querying large, complex data sets
What is for you in Competera:
  • You will be a part of cross functional team of highly motivated and intelligent folks with a unique range of startup and enterprise experience
  • We have gathered the professional and encouraged team
  • You will really enjoy beloved work in a strong team
  • We are fair and open to each other
  • We are flexible in day-to- day technologies and instruments, that will lead you to continuous professional growth
  • We have created the flexible working environment and also payed meals :)
  • We can offer you good salary, paid vacations and sick leaves
  • Our office is in the city center
  • But, the team is on the first place :)

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