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Competera - Ideal Prices for Online Retail Everyday.
Competera Pricing Platform is a Family of Products That Drives Retailers' Sales
Get a 14-Day Free Trial and Test Your Data Health With Competera Competitive Data Product
Price Management is a Competera Platform Product for the Right Pricing Decisions
Price Optimization is the way to maximize the sales performance with machine learning, maths, and Big Data
Control your Minimal Advertised Prices With Brand Intelligence by Competera
Competitive Price Monitoring - Competera
Competitive pricing analysis for e-tailer's efficient pricing strategy
How to boost a revenue margin growth with dynamic pricing models?
Competitive Price Intelligence for Retailers
Automated Price Intelligence and Price Monitoring Solution for Online Retailers
Competitive Pricing for Retailers
Apparel & Footwear
Automotive Supplies - Price Intelligence
Electronics & Computers
Home Improvement and Building Materials Price Intelligence
Pet Supplies - Price Intelligence
Sex Toys industry Price Intelligence
Sporting goods industry Price Intelligence
Toys & Hobbies industry Price Intelligence
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[e-book] Agile Pricing: The Must Have Framework for Modern E-tailers
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Competera - Help our clients to make pricing in minutes instead of hours or even days.
We're looking for moonshot thinkers with strong ability to achieve ambitious goals
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Competitor-based repricing increase turnover, marginal revenue, and improves KPIs at F.ua
Online dictionary with definitions for most important retail terms
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Price intelligence integration for Magento
Price Intelligence Solution by Competera for smart competitive pricing
Price Intelligence [Lite]
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Competera Repricing Platform
5 decisions where pricing experts may fail in retail
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5 pricing rules for small (just starting) online stores
The Future of Online Retail: Digital Customers' Experience 2.0 - Competera
Advice for online retailers - how to get more customers during the holiday season
Competitive analysis for product assortment optimization
How to choose the products for dynamic repricing in e-commerce
Which may be reasons to sell goods at cost or even at a loss?
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Competera Repricing Platform
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Abandoned Carts
The monitoring and analytical solution for your brand market protection
Competitive intelligence solution shows retailer a complete picture of the market.
Competitor price monitoring and tracking solution for efficient pricing of your online store
Dynamic Pricing Optimization
Conversion optimization is essential for modern eCommerce retailers to outperform competitors
Identify and evaluate marketing opportunities for your retail business
Monitor minimum advertised price (MAP), and brand policy compliance to build
Basic pricing models and rules for your online store competitive pricing strategy
Pricing Optimization Software boosts all business KPIs including of time you spend on pricing
Pricing strategy implementation doesn't have to be complicated and time-consuming!
The best price tracker software for retail that helps an e-tailer to increase its profits.
Pricing Platfrom Tutorials
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Competera - Ideal Prices for Online Retail Everyday.
Business pricing strategies, right pricing strategy for your shop
What are the major pricing strategies | Competera
The Kingdom Of Abandoned Carts
Why Retailers Should Monitor MAP Violations
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Penetration Pricing
Infographic U.S. Retail Industry Market Overview and Forecast
Consistent and Tailored Automated Pricing for Higher Retailer Profits.
How to choose the right items for price monitoring and outperform retailer's competitors
Competitive Pricing Intelligence Is Crucial When You Preparing Your Inventory for Price Optimization
How to Explain Pricing Strategies in a Way Even a Child Will Get.
Competera is the Winner of FinancesOnline's 2017 Awards
Time-Saving Tips That Makes A Retail Category Manager Great
How to Define Competitors for Price Monitoring and Competitive Pricing Analysis
How to sell more: 12 practical tips for retail to improve sales performance. How to increase retail sales.
Advantages and disadvantages of developing proper solutions to competitor price monitoring
"Price Intelligence and Web Analytics for Better Conversion Rate" webinar synopsis
Comfy - analysis of the price of demand for customer acquisition channels
Check list: 5 functions of an effective Category Manager
Price Monitoring System, developing and analyzing pricing strategies
Ulmart improved return on customer acquisition cost, and increased margins for product groups
Ozon.ru: Increased number of products that comply with the promise "Best price"
With Softkub and Competera company Allo increased CTR widgets in 2.5 times
A One-touch Game: Chat Bots in Online Retail in 2016 - 2017, what to expect?
Nikon Ukraine implemented an efficient solution to set minimum advertised prices
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