Платформа для сбора цен, анализа рынка и автоматизации переоценки

Price Optimization.
For Retailers

Switch your pricing approach from SKU-based to Portfolio-based and increase profit margins by 2-5%.

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Price Optimization

Our solution is designed for Omnichannel and Offline retailers seeking revenue growth. Powered by a neural network, Competera uses strategy, business rules, ML, and big data to recommend optimal prices and forecast the effect on the demand.

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We change the way pricing is done

Retailers challenges:

  • Over dependence on price-cuts
  • Cannibalisation between products
  • Over reacting to competition
  • Subsidized sales to loyal customers
  • Human errors

Competera offer:

  • Pricing at portfolio level increases margin profits by 2-5%
  • Move from reactive to proactive pricing
  • Cross-elasticity pricing approach. Find a balance between the rate of sales and your profit margin
  • Set business targets with the help of goal-driven pricing scenarios
  • Storage of positive & negative pricing experience